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Invora Systems ® is a prestigious manufacturer of medical spa products based in Ettlingen. Under the use of infrared and biomechanical oscillations wellness furniture are manufactured in the highest quality and excellent design. Both, physical therapists and doctors recommend it for use in the treatment and prevention of back pain.

The partly with the coveted  Red Dot Design Award distinguished massage systems, activate the lymphatic system, boost your metabolism and additionally provide a valuable contribution to daily relaxation. Thus, luxurious spa atmosphere can be achieved in any environment


Talent enthusiasm and experience. This triad represents our success. Athletes need talent to be able to break into the top. Enthusiasm is a prerequisite to the ongoing pressure to perform and comply with fun. Experience is a sequence of time and gives the final "touch ". Maybe this is the last bit of "good " that separates it from being "excellent. "

The concept of PowerSpa
® was developed by former professional and competitive athletes. From their own experience, they know the principles of training. Regeneration and health. Together with physicians, they have developed an effective prevention and treatment tool. A team of designers and craftsmen have put it into a product that is highly functional, aesthetic and yet suitable for everyday use.

INVORA - founded in 2005 by Raphael Krauss - is a manufacturer of exclusive, innovative medical products in the oscillation of the world's leading providers.